(a loanword from Spanish)

Principal English Translation: 

abbreviation for Cristo ("Christ"); there should be an overline on the p
James Lockhart, The Nahuas after the Conquest: A Social and Cultural History of the Indians of Central Mexico, Sixteenth through Eighteenth Centuries (Stanford: Stanford University Press, 1992), 413.

Orthographic Variants: 
Attestations from sources in English: 

titlaçonantzin yn icel in dios ypiltzī Jesu xpo = You are the precious mother of God's only child, Jesus Christ (central Mexico, sixteenth century)
Louise M. Burkhart, Before Guadalupe: The Virgin Mary in Early Colonial Nahuatl Literature, IMS Monograph series, No. 13 (Albany, New York, Institute for Mesoamerican Studies, University of Albany, 2001), 119.