Principal English Translation: 

lip or edge

Lockhart’s Nahuatl as Written: 

tēn-(tli). lip(s), edge, word.
James Lockhart, Nahuatl as Written: Lessons in Older Written Nahuatl, with Copious Examples and Texts (Stanford: Stanford University Press and UCLA Latin American Studies, 2001), 234.

Attestations from sources in English: 

Nimā ie ic tlacavaca, ie ic tzatzioa, netenviteco = Thereupon there were war cries, shouting, and beating of hands against lips (Mexico City, sixteenth century)
James Lockhart, We People Here: Nahuatl Accounts of the Conquest of Mexico, Repertorium Columbianum v. 1 (Los Angeles: UCLA Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, 1993), 136.

atentitech = at the edge of the water (early seventeenth century, Central Mexico)
Louise M. Burkhart, Before Guadalupe: The Virgin Mary in Early Colonial Nahuatl Literature, Institute for Mesoamerican Studies Monograph 13 (Albany: University at Albany, 2001), 145.