(a loanword from Spanish)

Principal English Translation: 

to China; or, the Philippines

Horacio Carochi / English: 

alachina = to China; or, the Philippines
Horacio Carochi, S.J., Grammar of the Mexican language with an explanation of its adverbs (1645), translated and edited with commentary by James Lockhart, UCLA Latin American Studies Volume 89 (Stanford: Stanford University Press, UCLA Latin American Center Publications, 2001), 384–85.

Attestations from sources in English: 

The incorporation of ala- (a la, or, to the) at the front of a location shows influence from Spanish. References to China usually meant the Philippines. Other examples include alahuerta and alaflorida.
For further explanation and examples, see James Lockhart, The Nahuas after the Conquest: A Social and Cultural History of the Indians of Central Mexico, Sixteenth through Eighteenth Centuries (Stanford: Stanford University Press, 1992), 567 n108.