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Orthographic Variants: 

to make something green, blue-green (see attestations)

green water, or dark green water (see attestations)

green (like a new sprout).
for algae to form on stagnated water.
#agua verde. mo. Agua que esta en un lugar por tanto tiempo se hace verde, parece telaraña nada más que verde.
algae that forms on stagnated water.
Orthographic Variants: 

a type of bird with green plumage (see Karttunen)

Orthographic Variants: 
āxoxōhuīlli, axoxouilli

deep water; beach, green (shallow) water (see Karttunen)

dam, lake.
root of ĀXOXOHUĪLLI and ĀXOXĪHUILIĀ. well or spring with blue water.

an abyss of deep water

1. thank you. 2. it doesn’t matter; no problem.
just because! (answer to a “why” question).

the proper female coiffure in the Valley of Mexico (sixteenth century)
Justyna Olko, Turquoise Diadems and Staffs of Office: Elite Costume and Insignia of Power in Aztec and Early Colonial Mexico (Warsaw: Polish Society for Latin American Studies and Centre for Studies on the Classical Tradition, University of Warsaw, 2005), 107.

Orthographic Variants: 

for a woman to twist her hair around her head, arranging it

1. for nothing to happen 2. nothing. 3. for s.o. to not be present. 4. you’re welcome (response to “thank you”)

to make something exterior


not yet, no longer (see Karttunen)

a shameless or presumptuous person

Orthographic Variants: 

no one; nobody; or, for someone to be absent (see Lockhart)